Thursday, May 1, 2008

a simple tour program from delhi to agra

A simple tour from Delhi to Agra

You can hire Taxi From Delhi. Normally about Rs.5.50 per Km.

The below mentioned tour takes about 600 km.

You have to pay about Rs.150 per day for the Driver.

If you are taking a guide with your team, you have to pay Rs.500 per day to the guide.

If the team is big, the guide will arrange a Cook also.

From To Starting Time Arrival Time Distance Details of Visit Others
Delhi Agra 05:00 09:00   Tajmahal,Agra Fort,If time permits, go to Fatehpur Sikri which is 35 km from Agra Tajmahal is in Agra
Agra Mathura   19:00   Visit the Temple for half an hour Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishana
          If it is one-day tour, you can return back to Delhi. If it is a two-day program, then read further  
Mathura Brindavan   21:00   Here you can have stay in Lodge. Lodge rent is about Rs.350 for two beds.  
Brindavan Govardan   11:00     Lord krishna lifted Govardan Hills
Govardan Bharsana   13:00   Have lunch here Bharsana is Radha's Birth Place
Bharsana Delhi 15:00 20:00      
Guide: sairam delhi : ph:09868260622.

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