Thursday, July 31, 2008

Childhood Album of Sharuk,Amir khan,Hrithik




Sharukh Khan,

Amir khan,

Hrithik Roshan

The above photos are just for refreshing your mind. In this competitive world, we should continously learn something.
For Today Let us Learn about PLUTO
You may be knowing that Pluto has been officially removed from the list of Planets, from August 2006. So Now, the solar system has only 8 planets.
To remember the names of 8 planets, mug up this sentence:

My Very Educated Mother Just Shown Us Neptune.
M=Mercury V=Venus E=Earth M=Mars J=Jupitor S=Saturn U=Uranius N=Neptune
Do you know why Pluto(as well as Neptune) looks Blue?
Methane gas is there in their atmosphere. Methane has the property of absorbing red light and reflecting blue light. That is why they look blue.
If someone asks you, why the pluto is not a planet, you should be able to give the answer. This is the answer:

If you are a parent, today night pass-on this Pluto information as a bed-time-story to your children.

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