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Difference between Li Cache and L2 Cache

Every Student must know the
Difference between
L1 Cache & L2 Cache

Dad: Johny! Why you are so dull today?
Johny: In my computer test paper, there was a question. I was not able to answer it.
Dad: What was the Question?
Johny: What is the difference between L1 Cache & L2 Cache?

Remember these points:

1) Cache means Memory

2)L1 cache means Level-1 Cache

3)L2 Cache means Level-2 Cache

4)L1 Cache is built inside the microprocessor chip.
5)L2 cache is NORMALLY, kept outside the microprocessor chip.

6)L1 cache is faster than L2 cache because it is very much near the processor.

7)L1 cache is called as Primary Cache

8) L2 cache is called as Secondary Cache.

9)L1 cache will be smaller in capacity than L2 cache.



"Johny, Do you know how to make Chappati? "

"Yes, Dad."

"Do you know how to make Halwa? "

"No, Dad !"

"Why you don't know that?"

"Chappati making is very important and I have to do it frequently. So I am keeping those procedure in my Brain itself. Halwa is not made frequently. The procedure is available in the cook book which is kept in the almirah."

"Good. The computer also keeps the important and frequently used things in its L1 cache and the other things in L2 cache.
Fetching information directly from the brain is faster than fetching from the book-shelf. Brain capacity is less, book-shelf capacity is large (because it can be expanded). Brain is primary and book-shelf is secondary. Brain is Level-1, Book-shelf is Level-2. So always remember BRAIN AND BOOK-SHELF when they are asking L1 cache and L2 Cache.


Some microprocessors have L2 cache inside the chip. See this Image.

This is a very important image. Dont forget to insert this image into your brain. :)

Now, again go to top and read the nine points given.You will never forget the answer for the question " What is the difference between L1 cache and L2 Cache"

Carefully watch the above image of a processor. Here, the L2 cache is kept INSIDE the processor module. That is why, I have used the word "NORMALLY" at point number.5


With your permission,

shall I add some more confusion on this topic?

There is one more cache called L3 Cache.

It is the memory built onto the motherboard or within the CPU module.

L3 cache feeds the L2 cache.

L2 cache feeds the L1 cache.

L1 cache feeds the Processor.

L1 is faster then L2.

L2 is faster than L3

L3 is faster than main memory.

Main memory




















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