Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Drink

The above image was created with photoshop. The steps involved are :1.Search google and find a brandy bottle. Trim and reduce the size of the image. 2. Take your photo image and tilt it with transform tool, so that it looks lying on the table. 3. For shade effect on the text, you can duplicate the text layer and make some tranform.
Life has become very much competitive. It is foolishness on your part,if you are wasting your time on knowing how an old man (??) took his first drink. You may ask " Then,why are you keeping this stuff here?". My answer is: it is blog. Blog means Web log. Log means keeping all the old,rotten,ugly,perverted and shameful things in a hard-disk which some people provide with totally free of cost :). However to balance my act, some general knowledge is inserted here and there.

If you are interested in photoshop read this: This above image was actually a photo. It was retouched using Photoshop.The Healing Brush Tool was used for removing the trees from the river, then I inserted some noise.Changed the brightness to look more artificial. . Lot of photoshop tutorials are available in the Internet.Learn Photoshop. It is very enjoyable. Just click on this image and you will get the original photo from which this drawing effect was made.

30 years ago. I and my friend decided to take liquor, for the first time in our life. Drinking is prohibited in our State (tamilndu,india). So we went to the neighboring state (kerala). it is about 10 km away from our village. We purchased 250 ml brown colored drink known as brandy. We chose a calm and lonely place. It is a bank of a lake. We almost finished the drink.Suddenly, from the other side of the river,two persons can running and jumped into the river. They were yelling something which we don't understand. On hearing their sound, some people came from behind us from the thick forest and pulled and brought them to the bank. Later we came to know that those two persons, somehow crossed the river and reached the other side of the lake. The other side is actually a tiger santuary (but nobody knows. There was no signboard at that time). On seeing the tiger, they ran and jumped into the river. Both of them dont know swimming. They have yelled "Help! Help!!" in the malayalam language, which we could not understand or we are not a position to understand that situation.

About the drink:I dont like the taste of the drink. It gave me lot of head of ache also. There is no meaning in wasting money in a thing which is not tasty,not good for health,giving head-ache,spoiling our charcter. That was my LAST drink also.
Ok. Let me stop this scrap. Let us learn something which may be useful for our life. The place in which we took drink is called as Thekkady lake. In this lake, lots of dead teak tree turnks are standing for more than 100 years (see the picture).. Let us listen to the story of one of these trunks.

Who are you?
I WAS a teak tree. Now I am a dead wood.
How you died?
It was 1886. The British were ruling India.They constructed a dam in the place where I was standing. Ofcourse, their intention was, lot of water is straight away going wasted into the sea. There was famine at that time.So they constructed the dam(see the image of this dam) and agriculture prospered.

I happened to standing in the middle of this artificial lake so I am dead. If you are student, you might have studied in your Environmental Studies that Construction of Dams causes inundation of flora and fauna of that region.
Flora and Fauna means? Flora and Fauna means Plants and Animals. When you say Flora, remember Flower. Flower is a part of Plant. So Flora means Plants. Fauna means Animals
But you said You are dead 100 years ago. But still your body is standing erect.
Because I am having natural oils in me.and they protect my body from moisture. I am weather proof,water proof, rot proof.
How you got the name "TEAK"?
Carpenters love me very much. I am very much resistant to rot (that is why I am still standing here for more than 100 years inside the water), No warping,No twisting,no splintering,pleasing look,soft to touch. So they gave me their name. Yes, in Greek, TEKTON means Carpenter.
What is your scientific name? Tectona grandis. tectona was derived from tekton (carpenter). Grandis means large. I am a deciduous tree.
Deciduous means?

It is the OPPOSITE of EVERGREEN. Some trees never shed leaves. They are evergreen trees. We shed leaves in a particular season. So we are deciduous.
How your leaves will look like?
See this image

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