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How to make Idli podi

video tutorials shwoing how to prepare south indian foods.
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Idli Podi is a must to have with all kinds of Idlis and is part od spice powders in any south Indian homes
How to make Idli Podi இட்லி பொடி
Madans Favourite South indian food recipes Video Tutorials
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sriram87 (5 months ago) BTW, can hing and onions? go together??? My mom always asked me to use either hing, or onions sriram87 (5 months ago) I always wanted to know how to buy asafoetida? in Canada, from hindi stores.. Later, I figured out by tasting the hing powder which my north-indian friend used while cooking.
mahishetty (7 months ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply Thanks for the recipe..can u tell me how much ratio of urad dal..??
dhrj010878 (7 months ago) I did n't like when you put oil in rice ..that looked pretty? unhealthy ... Johnroberts6666 (6 months ago) If you are so concerned about the oil, why don't you simply mix water? and eat it - even better would be to just watch others eat and drool :)
dhrj010878 (6 months ago) Show Hide -4 Marked as spam Reply Rang Loud? .. You are stupid ....dumbo... tulasipriya (5 months ago) What we're told is unhealthy changes so rapidly it's impossible to keep up with it. Sanjay is presenting? a traditional diet, not the latest nutritional speculation. Eating some fat, especiallly good oils and ghee, is essential to good health. Sanjay isn't fat like some celebrity chefs. Aside from the fact that he eats meat, I'd say he's doing something right.
Anand2006 (1 year ago) You mix the powder with any cooking oil (occasionally some use ghee, but? sesame oil is the best) and consume it with idli or dosa. I think he showed it towards the end of the video.
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