Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zoozoo :Have you seen the real faces of zoozoo cartoons

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ZOOZOO : Real Faces of Zoozoo Actors
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The real faces behind zoozoo ads. The ads were shot at 20 frames per second to make them look like animation.
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Posted By Preeti Shivaji 20 May 2009
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Vodafone Advertisments, Vodafone Ads, Zoozoo, Zoozoos, The photos of zoozoo characters, Real actors of zoozoo ad. Rajiv Rao, creative director of the agency that handles Vodafone advertisements, said: “We wanted to make real people look as animated as possible. Our actors were small-bodied, thin women covered in layers of white fabric. Each facial expression was made of rubber and pasted on the actors.” A film shot at 20 frames per second made the Zoozoo’s movements hurried and comical. Of the 29 different Zoozoo ads created for the IPL, there will be a new one everyday .

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