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How to make Alu Bonda - உருளைக்கிழங்கு போண்டா

video tutorials shwoing how to prepare south indian foods.
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How to make aloo bonda (urulai kilangu bonda)
How to make Alu Bonda
Madans South indian food recipes Video Tutorial
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rosamiel (1 year ago) Yummy-yum-yumz!?
sendevz (1 year ago) Would love to see some chaat recipes? from you!!!...:)
kolkattaindia (1 year ago) You're perfect everytime.? Very good. Thanks chef.
vahchef (1 year ago) you can use either soda or baking pdr, soda is more concentrated while baking power helps in even raising due to corn? flour and other agents
meghna454 (1 year ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply hi vahchef. i just love your recipes and more than that your spirit for cooking. u know the way you taste and sing and dance while cooking just like i'm sure everybody who love? cooking do. keep up the great great work.
NeverisaPromise7 (1 year ago) Is there anything? I can substitute for hing powder? vahchef (1 year ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply hing? is optional ,dont have to use , calix4 (1 year ago) hi,could you please tell me? how to make gajar ka halwa thanks. praveensoora (1 year ago) hi chef, where? r u?? where are new recipes...i wait everyday for something new from you. Please upload your new recipes
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south indian foods ; How to make south indian recipes (part 2)

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