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How to make Onion Samosa

video tutorials shwoing how to prepare south indian foods.
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How to make onin samosa
How to make Onion Samosa
Madans Favourite South indian food recipes Video Tutorials
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as160494 (3 weeks ago)
Hi Vahchef, Please advise why my somosas are cracking in the freezer. When i make my somosas (approximately 100+) I then place them in the freezer , but as they become frozen a lot of them start to develope cracks in the pastry. some people say that i must add extra oil in the pastry mix but? is that not too unhealthy colestral wise. Please research and tell me why this does not happen to other peoples somosas or why it does not happen to somosa manufacturers (wholesale). Regards.
iqbalbishran (3 weeks ago)
datayhms (3 weeks ago)
this guy has a nice personality? , even though he talks alot. i love your show . thank you
MohanndasChutney (1 month ago)
All Purpose (AP) flour is a mixture of flours with various glutens for a relatively low overall low gluten level. Bread flour, on the other hand, has higer levels of gluten for superior texture and elasticity. Self Rising ("Raising" in UK and Commonwealth) is AP flour with added chemical leaveners (baking powder). I'm not sure what other flour he's using (maybe atta?) but he's surely adding AP flour to lower the gluten content? because the dough needs to crackle nicely rather than stretch.
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