Saturday, July 4, 2009

How to make Dosa

Video tutorial showing how to make idli,dosa,sambar,rasa and other south indian dishes
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How to make dosa
How to make Dosa (Dosai)
south indian food recipes Video Tutorial
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nelumvila (2 weeks ago) Very useful and excellent. Lots of great ideas and? tips. abilashshankar2 (4 weeks ago) very good...but there is no need of telling? all types of greetings ...because indians can understand a greeting word in any launguage...thank you....
13chef (1 month ago) Thank you chef, I enjoy your presentation. You should be on T.V. doing a segment on Indian foods. Is Fijian food similar to East Indian? I know the Fijian people do a lot with coconut milk? and curry. Kahena1982 (2 months ago) We watched your video, and you are very informative for sure, and good ideas you are sharing an we keep notes? of it.... ogaloudaiya samayal kuripu nalla irunthathu
SoulFlamesReiki (2 months ago) You are amazing!!! I love dosa but I always? get chicken masala dosa.
prandtl002 (3 months ago) The cook is a simple down to earth and friendly guy.? Thank you, he is very much informative too.
pakborn (3 months ago) Wow....superb.....your? awesome...
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